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Your path to authentic story-telling, self-discovery and a hopeful transformation journey

Just Be Pioneers

Author & Coach Liz Kametz, MS and

Integrated Energy Therapist & Innovator Adrienne Gervais, MA 

Liz created Just Be to address her own chronic stress and lack of self-care.

Liz holds an MS in Systems Engineering, BS in Chemical Engineering and has made a career in 

successfully coaching large organizations through transformation.

She’s a wife and mother of a blended family and has used her healing journey over the last 7 years to author her debut book and design transformation workshops.

Adrienne joined Liz in the mission to help others with their self-care. 

Adrienne holds an MA in Integrative Health & Holistic Healing, BA in Political Science, is a Master Energy Therapist, and has made a career in education, mindfulness, and holistic coaching.

She's a wife and a mother of 3, and has been on her own self healing journey and is dedicated to helping others find that peace within.


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“Liz has gifted the world with an inspiring guide for doing what sounds quite simple in theory, but in practice can be very difficult: allowing ourselves to Just Be. Through a mixture of touching private stories, personal insights, intriguing questions to consider, and practical exercises to try, Liz not only takes the reader along through her specific journey to rediscover and reconnect with her own true essence, but also provides ideas and strategies that can help illuminate the way for others who are trying to find their own path.”

- Dr. Cynthia Nye

“I feel connected to so much of what the author writes about in this book, Just Be. One thing that the author really gets me thinkIng about is how I want to be a better me, a better mom, a better wife, and how I can make changes in my mindset and life, to accomplish that. Her words flow in a way that it truly touches deep within me. Not only is it a must read, it is also a perfect gift to give a friend❤️ I already know a handful of friends/family I want to buy this book for!”

- Sherry B.

“II normally do not gravitate towards self help type books but found this one truly insightful and thoughtful. I appreciate the author's openness in tying her real life vignettes with her goals/affirmations. I especially love all the journal exercises and questions. This book has inspired me to take up journaling again which I have not done since high school! Highly recommend for those looking to help quiet the noise and chaos of their own world.”

- Vatana R.